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17 April 2010 @ 06:06 am
Adam on Idol  
How is he so awesome tho?

Adam was a mentor on American Idol this week, and he was really good. You can tell he was, because despite all the incredibly tedious wank about how he doesn't ~deserve to mentor yet (this is clearly a huge honor you have to earn), no one had anything truly bad to say about him afterward. The worst thing I've seen so far was a basically a comment like "... Well, you might not have been a bad mentor but I still hate your guts."

Haters gonna hate~

Ryan Seacrest has either turned to drugs or having a nervous breakdown. What in the everloving fuck was going on with him? He was just plain bizarre, with high levels of doucheness and few moments of hilarity. I have to admit that I did laugh when he made that crack about his tongue not being as ~talented as Adam's, even though it was pretty douchey.

Basically, Adam was the best part of season 9 of American Idol so far and he's not even on the show anymore.

Then he performed Whataya Want From Me on the results night and pretty much just reminded me why I love him so fucking much. It was totally weird and spacey and amazing and he had fog machines and lasers (!!) and made the Idol stage completely unrecognizable.

Adam is so much better than that song, he really is. He managed to take what is essentially nothing more than a mediocre, generic pop song and make it so much more than that. The slowed down intro he did was gorgeous and then the sudden switch into a rockier version of the original was amazing. Not to mention the vocals were A+. I could listen to that glory note over and over.

And then he turned into the adorable puppy version of himself when Ryan interviewed him afterward and he giggled and was like "I brought lasers! \O/". I love how underneath it all he's really just an 8 year old boy who loves to play with toys. I think that's the fundamental difference between him and someone like Gaga, for example. Gaga - while a fucking incredible performer and I love her to do death - tends to get very pretentious and everything she does must have an artistic ~deeper meaning, while Adam is basically just like "Whoo lasers are fun, lets do that! \O/". He's so presh idek.

Here is the youtube. I suggest you watch it, if for no other reason than the kick awesome special effects and the laser show. Laser show.

Yeah, so watch that. K den.
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(Anonymous) on April 17th, 2010 08:40 am (UTC)
Well now... who doesn't love lasers?!? I like Adam ^__^